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also use the saved cheap fifa 18 coins

also use the saved allowance for the cheap fifa 18 coins to buy medicine to see a doctor. Shen Rubo retired to the place, as in the past. In the Harbor District Red Street Party love Yi cheap fifa 18 coins Service station, hung banners, certificate and certificate of honor on the wall, “serve the people” banner eye-catching. His wife Li Yulan said, these 9 words are cheap fifa 18 coins Shen Rubo stitch embroidery, embroidered into his heart. In “the party justice loving service station,” Lei Feng led Shen Ru wave the meaning of love “, Party volunteer cheap fifa 18 coins became district residents close friends. In the harbor area, the neighbors are called Shen Rubo” city living Lei Feng. “Simple desire, mut coins pursuit of life, full of infinite cheap fifa 18 coins. 100 thousand good year commitment, Shen Ru Bo has now completed more than 80 thousand, more than 10 thousand draw” “word. The same qualities, 39 years without regret and cheap fifa 18 coins to the” forces to train me as a revolutionary soldier, a member of the Communist Party. Although the troops leave, I still want to maintain the cheap fifa 18 coins of serving people. “After retirement, Shen Rubo became the harbour A cold storage area of madden mobile coins Bureau staff. Although the identity changed, but the promise cheap fifa 18 coins not changed, the military “kernel” has not changed.

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