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“FIFA 16” steals the skills and experience to share Raiders defense

“FIFA 16” in steals and shooting the same requires a certain skill? Here to introduce the “FIFA 16” steals and defensive skills experience to share, with a look.

Press shot can steal, in fact, you’ll find more than a kick FIFA 16 Steals rarely used keys, basically card position and then automatically Put the ball off the player or players with the body of the squeeze.

Problems defensive philosophy, you can open the cache mode, generally Only when it is used to close the box (shot, live setting) to rob, but Remember not to use in the box, it is easy penalty, the use of the Defense with × defense, and then in the position of losing the case Could make the computer over defense, remember,live at the foot of the Robbery is to get people, and FIFA 16 is to pass and extraordinary Anticipation of the re-use of a card or blocking the passing lanes to Defend, should pounce fierce rush, be patient, keep in mind these basic In the entry you, this is the same as playing with your real idea.

To play a few games now, the first to open a file, play manager mode, Cooked up the defense again, or fear of immediate interest to play Online will fight no more.

He spotted the opportunity to suggest where The player automatically switches to “golf”, only Zhengding only Automatic switching, additional manual switching defender defense when He shot with the key words will push the sides interfere with each Other, r1 called teammate’s personal defense, time own running, he Passes, then generally have to switch to another player, to avoid Tearing the defense is defensive anticipation is very important, for Example, you know that he will definitely have to go to the bottom line, Then cut inside, you should choose Songane speed, hold l2 key, keep a Distance with crab step on him, in fact, restricted to the vicinity of The attack, when the other person I recommend Songane speed press l2 Defense, have to be careful or cross each other straight road, then that Is much more familiar with the play.

FIFA 16 steals and sometimes do not need to press any key?

Predict quasi forward or you appear in the other change in the position, It will automatically break him the ball, you want to take the An initiative out of the foot is to pay attention to a good shot button, But it is not the best use of the side of the case. Playing five coins Steals two best time to feel one is the other Tangqiu away from the The body, the other one is stopping stop big. The FIFA 16 defense is patience.

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