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Green King – Green Transparent Emerald

Emerald is a transliteration of Persian, its mineral name is beryl, beryllium and aluminum silicate minerals. Colorful, transparent to translucent beryl can be used as a gem, collectively referred to as emerald. Green and transparent emerald is the most expensive. It is fresh if green, Bi as the new willow, crystal clear, shiny, “King of Green” reputation.

Pliny, a famous Roman scholar who gave the emerald such a pious admiration: “Indeed, there is no gem with a more pleasing color, the eyes are so comfortable, especially, when the head does not turn When the sun was on the tender lawn and the leaves, it was more comforting with Replica Cartier jewelry the emerald’s color, and it was said that no green was so thick, except for the gems of the various herons Is the only geek that can make people tireless, whether it is sunny, or the effect of artificial light does not make it change, it is always issued and soft and rich light.

Emerald chemical stability, hardness after diamond and corundum, the crystal is small, is hexagonal system, was long columnar body. More than 0.5 karats of high quality goods is higher than ordinary diamonds, the most senior emerald general weight rarely more than 2 karats. High-quality emerald green clear, crystal condensate, it is feast for the eyes, especially for the love of all ethnic groups in the East. Choose this lovely green gemstone as the Mayday creature is very suitable. Its color represents the beauty of nature and the mark of the promise when spring comes. At the same time, it is also a symbol of loyalty, kindness and kindness.

  1. identification of emerald green

In order to identify the emerald, to use a Chelsea filter, also known as “emerald filter”, it is a special sub-green glass, can absorb yellow-green light, transmission of dark red light and a small amount of dark green light. With the naked eye to watch the gem emerald, it shows a very beautiful yellow-green. If you use the Chelsea filter to watch the emerald, it will turn red. While most of the other green gemstones, with Chelsea filter to watch when the green is still ranging from light. Therefore, with Chelsea filter is not difficult to distinguish between emerald and other green gem.

Natural emerald and other green gem of the difference, you can also use heavy liquid method. Because the green gems similar to the emerald, the density is larger than the emerald. We only need to prepare some of the tribromromethane heavy liquid, you can distinguish them. The emerald into the tribromromine heavy liquid will float, and other green gem will be put into the sink. This method is particularly effective for sorting a large number of true and false mixed gem particles. In addition, emerald and green glass is also easy to distinguish, according to their thermal differences, you can do such a test. Tongue licking green glass with a sense of temperature, and tongue licking emerald there is a long time of cool feeling, emerald hardness, in the hardness of the standard tablet to draw scars, and glass can not. The following several ways to identify emerald true and false is also very simple and effective. With the bowl full of water, the stones into the bowl, can make the whole bowl faint green, is the real emerald gem. Or to Jianzhen gem into the copper basin, surrounded by paper around the good, lit the white paper, if the fire into a green, is the real emerald gem. Or prepare a pot of red charcoal, to Jianzhen the stones into the charcoal, charcoal floating aroma and immediately extinguished, is the real emerald gem.

  1. Dream stone – live flashing cat’s eye stone

“Cat’s Eye” is a very precious and exotic gem. In the jewelry industry, it is specifically refers to the gold emerald with “cat’s eye effect” (also known as “cat’s eye effect” or “cat’s eye phenomenon”), it can not be used to call any other cat’s eye effect of the gem.

As the use of gold and gold gem processing into arc-shaped jewelry (mainly ring face), with a clear tour of the most beautiful cat’s eye effect, it is called cat eyes or cat eyes. Particularly valuable is that the green gem in the sun shining, from the inside of the gem to reflect a bright light, its shape and cat’s eyes are very similar. At the same time, because the best cat eye gems from the East of Sri Lanka, it is also known as “Oriental cat’s eye” or “Sri Lanka cat’s eye” (formerly known as “Ceylon Cat’s Eye”). In addition, but also because the world has found a variety of minerals with cat’s eye effect, and its beauty are far less than the golden green cat’s eye stone, it was gold green cat’s eye called “real cat’s eye stone.”

Golden emerald is a kind of beryllium in , aluminum complex oxide, its molecular formula BeAl2O4, is a raw material to extract beryllium. It is light green yellow or light green tan, glass luster, translucent, hardness 8.5, the proportion of 3.5-3.7. Sri Lanka cat’s eye among the best varieties, embedded in the Iranian crown on a weight of 147.7 karats of yellow-green cat’s eye treasures, produced in Sri Lanka. In the gem minerals, can produce similar to the golden green cat’s eye cat’s eye effect, known more than twenty species, they are: ruby, sapphire, sapphire, quartz, zircon, cassiterite, tourmaline, diopside, Moonlight stone, ramen stone, feldspar, actinolite, olivine, pillar stone, andalusite, stubborn pyroxene, serpentine, apatite and malachite. But for their call must be preceded by a mineral name, such as malachite cat’s eye, or called cat’s eye malachite (that is, with cat’s eye effect of malachite), and can not simply be called “cat’s eye gem” or ” stone”.

The world’s most prestigious gold-green gemstones in Sri Lanka’s Tranbla and Gore and other places, for the crystallization and gravel. And other gemstones together, produced in a variety of precious stones in the sand. Brazil also has a yellow-green golden green cat’s eye. The Soviet Union’s Ural Mountains was famous for producing gold and green cat’s eyes, and later the output declined. China in 1986 for the first time in Guangdong Shilong copper mine with cat’s eye effect of malachite, for our country to find a cat’s eye effect of the gem opened a precedent. Cat’s eye because of a hard texture and calm color, which makes it an ideal gem for the production of men’s jewelry. Cat’s main body of jewelry is often used to do foil foil, with platinum inlay system.

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