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How Can A WoW Gold Guide Help You Farm Gold In Cataclysm

How Can A WoW Gold Guide Help You Farm Gold In Cataclysm

Everyone needs epics in World of Warcraft and probably you too, right? Well, the good news is many epics can be acquired from the Auction House. But for that, you need serious gold. To farm gold in Cataclysm like the elite players and be able to afford even a super mount like Vial of the Sands, it’s best to use a helper.

A WoW gold guide in this case, is the best helper a player can use. In fact, I’ve been working with one ever since Cataclysm was released and my main character is fully equipped with epics for both specs, exclusively from AH.

1. Providing you with optimized gathering routes. If you have a character with mining or herbalism, you have probably realized by now that if you don’t follow a certain course, you will end up wasting time. That’s because the herbs or the minerals won’t be up by the time you go through a certain point once again, or because you just might check unworthy areas. A WoW gold guide will always provide you the best routes for gathering.

2. Showing you the best spots for very expensive items. Especially if you don’t have any crafting or gathering profession, the best alternative for you to farm gold in Cataclysm is to grind on mobs for expensive loot. There are plenty of rare recipes or rare vanity pets that you can farm. And yes, a WoW gold guide will point that for you.

3. Teaching you how to farm gold in Cataclysm even without a high level character. Believe it or not, nowadays you don’t really need a level 85 character to make gold. You can literally make thousands even with a level 1 character.

4. Teaching you how to farm gold in Cataclysm without investing too much time. Including myself, there are many casual players in World of Warcraft. Even more than other players, casuals need gold to equip their characters with whatever they find for sale at AH. So, a WoW gold guide was really a friend showing me a few great methods to farm gold without even being logged more than 15 minutes every day.

5. Teaching you how to minimize the risks of Auction House trading. Many players farm their gold in Cataclysm just buying and selling back with a higher price, various items, resources or consumables. However, this type of farming has high risks of loss. To be always successful, you must know everything about what’s for sale on your realm and what are the best prices. This is when a WoW gold guide comes in, allowing you to scan the AH and conduct a good research, to reduce your risks.

So, if you want super mounts, a full collection of pets, or any piece of super gear that gold can buy, a guide is not a bad idea to farm gold in Cataclysm like a pro.

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