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How to choose and wear ornaments? Wear jewelry to pay attention to occasions

A beautiful and generous clothing if there is coordination with the matching accessories to match, then it played the role of finishing touch, so that the whole dress more perfect. Costumes not only improve people’s aesthetic, appreciation, but also reflect the people’s cultural literacy, help to highlight the personality.

Clothing accessories a lot, depending on their role can be divided into two broad categories: decorative and practical category. Earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces, corsage, etc. belong to the decoration class. Shoes, socks, hats, belts, purses, etc. belong to the practical category. Clothing and clothing with properly, can make people icing on the cake; with improper, it became a superfluous. Cartier love ring replica is characterized by small size, the effect is obvious. Its function is embellishment, beautify the overall image. Therefore, the main principle of selection of jewelry is conducive to the performance of the overall image. If the set of beautiful, expensive ornaments in one, jewel, deliberately piled, purses, belts, hats covered, this is not the United States, but people see things not see people, cover up a unique natural beauty, destruction of the overall image of the harmonious.

Jewelry wear

Wear jewelry to pay attention to occasions, to attend the party or go out to guest, you can wear large brooch, with gem falling necklace, with a falling earrings, etc., in the light will appear even more beautiful; weekdays can wear a small brooch, beaded, earrings, etc. ; Engaged in labor, sports activities and attend the meeting, should try not to wear jewelry.

Wear jewelry and clothing and my appearance to coordinate. Generally wear elegant clothing, in order to wear expensive jewelry; clothing soft and elegant, jewelry should also be exquisite exquisite; wearing sportswear, uniforms should not wear jewelry. Fat face of the woman should not bring a large earrings, women wearing glasses should not wear earrings, round face lady necklace with a pendant, so that the effect of slender face.

Wear jewelry to pay attention to its meaning and customs. Necklace is safe, rich symbol, according to the body and personality characteristics, choose the appropriate style and color. Ring is the most definite love keepsten in jewelry, the ring is wearing a silent language, can indicate your marital status: the ring in the index finger on the marriage proposal, wearing a middle finger that has been in love, wearing a ring finger that has been engaged or Married, wearing a little finger is stressed that I was celibate, and recently do not intend to love. Bracelets are usually worn on the right hand, only pairs of bracelets can be worn on the wrist at the same time, precious stones inlaid bracelet should be close to the upper part of the wrist, wearing bracelets should not wear Cartier nail bracelet replica watches at the same time.

Use of ornaments

Shoes, hats, scarves, belts, bags, gloves and other items, was originally used for its practicality, with the people on the aesthetic taste of clothing, the decorative effect of these items more and more attention.

Scarves and hats on the overall beauty of clothing great impact, scarves, hats and clothing style consistent, you can make the overall image more harmonious.

In the winter, people wearing clothing color darker, you can also use brightly colored scarves and hats embellishment, so that the whole image vivid, active up. Similarly, if the clothing color is very beautiful, you can use the color of the hat, scarves to get a color balance. Hat on the face of the most direct impact, round face for people wearing a wide edge of the higher hat, face narrow people suitable for wearing a narrow cap, square face can choose round-shaped hat, avoid wearing a square hat.

Belt selection and clothes, body coordination.

To make yourself look slender, should choose and dress with the same color of the belt; if tall, but narrow waist, it should be different with the dress fabric, the color of the different wide belt. Men want to make their own social occasions in the play is elegant, decent, you can give your body fit and then coupled with a good belt.

The choice of handbag should also be discretionary.

Tall women should be large backpack; slim or dwarf can be small backpack; full of women bogey round package; thick waist women should be lower than the waist of the package. The color of the handbag should be coordinated with the color of the clothing. In the summer, it should be small and tedious. Leather bag or leather bag should be used during the day; straw handbag in the wear sweatshirt or cotton casual clothes, can be back in the shoulder, look chic and comfortable.


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