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How to Make the Most Money From Professions in WoW

How to Make the Most Money From Professions in WoW

Choose either herbalism and enchanting, or enchanting and mining as your professions. If you wish solely to make money from professions, rather than create gear, then you’ll want to pick up two gathering professions. Enchanting is considered a gathering and crafting profession, but the best method to make money with it is by using its gathering method by disenchanting items. You can only choose two main professions, and you can do so by visiting the profession trainers in the five major cities in Azeroth.

Visit one of the major cities in Azeroth, and go to the auction house auctioneer. Enter the item you wish to sell in the “Name” box and click “Search.” Look at the average price for the item, and then click the “Auctions” tab. Open your bags and right click the item you wish to sell. Enter a starting price that’s one or two gold below the average price for that item. For example, if you’re selling titanium ore, and the average price was 20G per ore, then list yours as 19 G per ore. The lowest price will appear first to buyers.

You must acquire the necessary skill points for each profession before you can gather high level items. You start out at one out of a possible 450 points in “World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King.” You can increase your skills by gathering low level items first, and then working your way up to the higher level items. For example, if you choose herbalism, you can gather “Silverleaf” from the beginning, but you cannot gather “Briarthorn” until you increase your herbalism skill to 70.

Pay attention to how many of each item you’re selling. Identical gathering items, such as two pieces of saronite ore, will combine into one stack. The maximum amount one stack can hold is 20. Most auction prices for ore, herbs and enchanting dust are for stacks of 20, while most prices for mining gems and enchanting essences are for stacks of one to five. A number is located in the lower right hand corner of the item icon that designates how large the stack is. For example, a “12” in the lower right hand corner of the illusion dust icon means that there are 12 illusion dusts stacked together.

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