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How to Make WoW Gold Fast and Safe in Aion Online

How to Make WoW Gold Fast and Safe in Aion Online

PRLog (Press Release) Mar. 6, 2010 In fact, making aion Kinah in Aion online is easy by only knowing the basics. You will begin to understand what these basics are and how incredible easy it is to make Kina in Aion online.

So what exactly are the basics?

3. Collect every material you can find from slain enemies and store them in your nearest bank. You can either sell them to people face to face, or list them to the brokers.

4. Set up your private store near a busy place, this way you can sell your stuff when you’re away and you can price the things you have for whatever you want.

What you should not do:

1. Never sell greens or other colored items to NPC’s, you either list those at the brokers or sell them to people in the chat channels.

2. Never throw away materials but if you have to, keep weapons and armor since they are worth more. But this can be avoided if you make sure you store the materials in your bank, whenever you should pass by a town.

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