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Is WoW worth picking up again for Mists Of Pandaria

Is WoW worth picking up again for Mists Of Pandaria

World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria: Is WoW worth picking up again for Mists Of Pandaria?

I stopped playing World of Warcraft toward the final raid release days of Cataclysm. I played all through Wrath of the Lich King, having gotten into the game about six months before its release.

I pretty busy now, but I read some of the changes and, having felt some nostalgia for the fun times playing the game in the past, thought about checking out it again for the new expansion.

Is it worth it? Not just the expansion itself, but is it worth getting back into as a whole? How has the community changed? How have raiding environments changed (haven really raided since Icecrown)? Are the MoP changes making it entirely new game for the better/worse?If you enjoyed story lines like what happened with the Taurens in the Stonetalon Mountains, then this is the expansion for you. Once you are level 85 and can enter Pandaria, the story lines are amazing.

If you enjoy accomplishment oriented semi monotonous non violent tasks like Herbalism, Fishing and Mining (I find it zen when I need to unwind from the Real World), there a whole new set of skills with Tilling and Cooking in Pandaria that are a lot of fun.

I a solo player, happily guild less, and don raid, so YMMV.

Ok. Listen closely. Everything in World of warcraft gets boring when there is nothing to do. This happens to everyone, but when New content is released, people want to give it a taste, everyone questions themselves if this new expansion will be just as bad as Cataclysm. And to be honest. I never did any progression in Cataclysm because I had school to think of. And thus I missed out on bwl and firelands.

Right now you can test out all the new specs and new skills and see if you like it.

And if you are like me and love alts, I can wait for the monk class.

Your choice. The new expansion can be worse than the last, and you have an entire year ahead of you to test it.

I stopped playing for a little while after the release of Cataclysm and resisted the urge to play Mists of Pandaria but I eventually missed it enough to let curiosity win out. As you probably know, Blizzard has to constantly add new content to keep it fresh but that is also the reason they have led the genre for so long. I really thought they were trying to turn my beloved World of Warcraft into some Kung Fu Panda stuff but I eventually got over it and realized I have too much time and money invested to just walk away and rage quit. I think generally the game is not really better or worse after MoP but it is definitely forever changed. I feel like they have dumbed it down enough for anyone who who has a computer and 15 bucks per month can play it.

I doubt this is the answer you are looking for, but I quit playing midway through WotLK and never picked it up again. I have however recently started playing Guild Wars 2. As a former WoW player I can say that GW2 is a very good game comparably. It also has the bonus of not having a monthly fee. Another benefit is that it is still new so there is l a lot of content still to come. If you are looking to get back into an MMO I might recommend this game. Many of the players are former WoW players as well. Again, I know this doesn exactly address your question, but it is a suggestion from another former WoW player who got bored of WoW.

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