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Maple Story vs World of Warcraft

Maple Story vs World of Warcraft

Introduction!Hello everybody my name is sheamus and im posting today to tell you about the 2 wonderful worlds of Maple Story and of The World of Warcraft!! In this article I will comparing and contrasting the 2 naming their pros and cons and at the end of the article telling witch one i like the best.

In The World of Warcraft or WoW as you hear me call it for the remainder of the article my name is Shorttootall orsheamuson the server Chromagus

The first good thing about WoW is that there is an amazing support team behind you the whole time during the game they have a good ticket system and the game masters get back to you in a reasonable amount of time!

WoW also has many real world events that go for instance they have christmas events halloween events thanksgiving events and some in game made up events like the darkmoon festival.

There are 2 parts to the game. The first part is were you are trying to get the level cap of 80 by grinding and doing quests for Non Player Computers or NPC’s for short.

The second part is called End Game. End game is were you have to play with other people in order to get better gear. The Whole point of endgame is to earn better gear and become stronger than everybody else.

During End Game there is 2 types of play Player vs Player (PvP) or Player vs Enviroment (PvE)

Each type of gameplay has differnt kinds of gear and a totaly differnt way the game is played!

Another thing that WoW has to offer is an AMAZING ENVIROMENT!!!! you can spend hours just walking around exploring and trying to find new places to train and level up!

WoW also has profesion that allow you to make money at doing differnt kind of crafting jobs to make gear and weapons or cloths or enchants!

WoW also has a very VERY devoted player base and on the more populated servers there is people always on!

WoW has guilds witch are a union of players under a common name.

WoW has an auction hall that allows player to put some of their items for sale for other players to buy.

That is all I can think of now!

This game is totaly, TOTALY differnt than WoW is.

This game is much simpiler than WoW because it is 2D like a hardcore mario game but the producers, Nexon and Wizet, make it work really well.

MS has a level 200 level cap! this allows you to keep playing for many months and keeps you busy the whole time!

MS economy is constanly changing!! because it is player driven unlike many MMO’s out there.


MS also has an amazing gm system and admins that get back to you in a reasonable amount of time!

MS has a cashshop feature to were you use “nx” to buy stuff that change the way you characters look in game. 1k of nx cost 1$ this is how Nexon has a staff and constanly update the game is because so many people buy stuff out of the cashshop! ( I am one of them ^_^) so you can play this game at the cost to others!!!

This is the largest MMO worldwide 7million play in China alone!

The enviroment in MS is HUGE. and much of it doesnt have a map yet because it is hidden! You can spend hours exploring for new areas!

MS is fast paced with little downtime and instant rewards after you achieve a new level!

THE CONSI am not going to list to the cons or either of the games because I feel that is a matter of opinon and everybody should go out and try both games and decide witch is better!!!

fools 4 years ago

maplestory pwns wow i mean 14.95 a month? WTF WAY TOO MUCH if you wana play WoW play warcraft 3 (dota). wc3 more fun and free so yeah.

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