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Pianici: Juventus need to learn to improve performance _FIFA 18 international football news

FIFA 18 NEWS Juventus 0-3 loss to Barcelona, ??after the game Pijani that Juventus have a better performance, and the first goal can have been avoided. Pianic said: the first half, we should not lose the ball at the last minute. We played well in the first half and have been creating opportunities. But once Barcelona made the lead, they control the game, played arbitrary. We should have a better performance, today we have to learn a lesson. The Champions League has just begun, and today’s results are regrettable, and we must continue to work hard. The same group of another game, the Portuguese sports 3-2 away to beat Olympia KOs. Pianic said: This is only the first round of the game, so people criticize some exaggerated. We will respond, we lost to a strong opponent, but we also lack a lot of key (Click to buy fifa 18 coins ps4, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins) players. It is important to learn, if we are more determined in the offensive end, it should be scored. Champions League Summary: Benfica 1-2 by the Central Army reversed, the Portuguese sports harvest opener _FIFA 18 international football news
FIFA 18 NEWS Beijing time on the morning of September 13, the Champions League group stage first round to start more than one race, including: Benfica 1-2 Moscow Central Army in the first half both sides have no achievements. Easy side battles, Rivicovic left cross, Severovich Road outflanking open the first record, 1-0! 62 minutes, Almeida handball foul point, Vittino shot overnight, 1-1! The first 67 minutes, before the rich foreign aid Aaron injured end, Zama Waite Dinoff go into battle. 71 minutes, the Central Army on the left pass, (welcome to to buy cheap fifa 18 coins, all the product will delivery in 5- 30 mins) Wassin opened the door to fight the door caused by Barrera to sell, Zama Wright Dinofu break, 1-2! Since then, Benfica troops have been unable to rewrite the score. The final battle of the audience, the Central Army away reversal Benfica, harvest team stage opener. Olympiakes 2-3 Portuguese sports the first 2 minutes, Akuni on the right pass, Dunbia scored the first goal in the restricted area to open the record, 0-1! The first 13 minutes, Toubia sent straight plug, Martine long raid single shot break, 0-2! 43 minutes, Coates long assists, Bruno – Fernandez against the offside beat break, 0-3! Early to get ahead of the Portuguese sports after the relaxation, the first 89 minutes, Felipe – Pardo on the right side of the bottom line out of the corner of the left foot burst shot broke, 1-3! The first 93 minutes, Figuera left the ball, Felipe – Pardo shovel into the ball again, 2-3! However, Olympiakes finally failed to create a miracle, the Portuguese sports away scare away three points. Official: Wolfsburg captain Gomez will be injured
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