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the Commission does not temporarily stop the stock index futures

Chinese retail market shares in direct proportion Albion Online Gold of the total stock market capitalization of more than 80% of the conditions, China’s stock index futures open violation of the fair, just and open “three principles” market. At present, China’s stock market index futures traders have graduated from prestigious universities at home and abroad, […]

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Equipment go and capacity for cooperation for the world

Following “along the way”,tibia gold   Asian investment bank and other initiatives, the global economic arena, China showed a new card – international cooperation capacity. Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has become such a strategy “super salesman”: June European trip to promote Chinese equipment capacity, Latin American Bank finalized in May “two-ocean railroad.” In May, the […]

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Behind the new gold rush

Behind the new gold rush The price of gold has gone up from $256 an ounce in 2001 to $1,424. Meanwhile, price levels have struggled or crashed with respect to almost all other asset classes. Central banks have slashed interest rates. Yet, gold prices, it has been predicted, may go up and up. The many […]

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