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Madden 18: Fantastic new modes, nevertheless an average game

When I concluded my critique of Madden 17, I challenged Electronic Arts to produce anything worth coming back year soon after year. It really is not that I do not like football video games, it really is that I never like paying $60 year right after year for exactly the same football video game with […]

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Three Career Mode Alterations We Desire to See in FIFA 18

Isn’t it time Career stopped getting such an afterthought? FIFA 18 demands to turn this about. With the pretty much unstoppable rise of FUT, Profession mode in FIFA games has gradually come to be an afterthought. When FUT(FUT 18 Coins) generates as a lot income for EA because it does, even though, it really is […]

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Liverpool Snubbed in FIFA 16 Ratings

Liverpool Snubbed in FIFA 16 Ratings To the uninitiated, fifa 16 coinsthe FIFA video game franchise is a bit silly. People get genuinely worked up about arbitrary ratings assigned to animated characters as EA release updated ratings with a new edition of its game. However, fifa 16 coinsdebating the merits of FIFA 16 coins […]

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