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the data has been similar to the previous 2k mt and the audience

Just the first half, I had less scored 22 points and 10 assists and 8 rebounds quasi-three pairs, the data has been similar to the previous war and the audience. In the small less driven by the Thunder 2k mt offensive efficiency are good, Wei less a breakthrough ball, outside the McDermott immediately three-point fire; counterattack fast nba vc prices among the Granville less light throw, Orade Fried 2k mt. At the same time, Wei Shao himself also kill the rise of the second section of a ball, Wei less field after a push forward, elegant turned, chic back, at one go, in a tight game to bring us vision enjoy.

The first half of the third quarter, the Thunder in the prestige of the leadership is still firmly occupy the leading edge. But the last 2 minutes and a half after the end of the rest, the Thunder array did not have a reliable 2k mt points, the field situation nba vc sale, the rocket wave will be poor chase after the 2k mt, the Thunder’s leading edge has been eroded only 3 points.

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