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The Story of a College Student’s Addiction to World of Warcraft

The Story of a College Student’s Addiction to World of Warcraft

I would say that I am the type of gamer that can get really into a game; whether it was recently released or recommended highly by a friend. I would move on after I beat it or after a month; give or take a week. But World of Warcraft lasted two and a half years, literally. It was my spring semester of my freshman year when my neighbor introduce me to World of Warcraft (WoW). It was a whole new experience as I’ve never play any mmorpg (massive multi online role playing game). Since I had about six hours to kill before class, I decided to make a new character and see what my neighbor was talking about.

At first, I like the game a lot but also it was a lot to take in. The amount of questing, skills, talent tree and finger multitasking took some time to get used to. The first few weeks was small doses of wow. I would play whenever my neighbor had classes or go to sleep. ( I was basically bumming off his account and avoiding the $15 monthly fee). I was doing okay for an undead warlock. It was around level 17 where I had trouble as the monsters were getting really hard to kill. It was around this moment when my neighbor told me about other areas to explore that began my addiction to WoW and my downfall as an actual human being. New quests, people and cities were at my fingertips and suddenly so much things open up. Soon after, I became friends with online players and form a guild. This became a full time job. I barely go to classes anymore. Sleep was something I do went no one is online or I could not find enough members to form a party and tackle a multi person quest. Food became another multitask between spamming 1 2 3, chatting, grinding for level/ material ( to sell in the virtual world). My first year of college is mostly memories of World of Warcraft with a gpa near 2.0

My addiction to WoW got intense when Blizzard, who makes WoW, added more stuff to do such as online battle arena and 40 man party dungeons. For my second year of college it was a routine of

3pm Waking up and going to class (late of course)

4pm Playing Wow; preparing stuff for the 40 man Dungeon; Getting money by whatever means possible

6pm Helping out guild with quest, doing guild stuff, Online Battle till the 40 man dungeon

7pm 40 man Dungeon

1am More online Battle

3am Watch Anime, movie and/or TV and doing homework

5am 5 man Quest or Farming more gold to prepare for tomorrows 40 man Dungeon

7am Bed time

This all sounds tedious and boring but I can assure you that I love every minute of it and so does everyone else that plays WoW. It was thrilling when we take down a boss after weeks of defeat. My guild became a close family, as we talk in the real world and even meeting up in person. We knew talk about our days, our struggles with job, marriage, relationship and other personal stuff. It was like a second family/group of friends. However, all this socializing and online friendship did destroy my real world social life and perhaps my body as well. I became very nocturnal like going to sleep at 8/9 am and waking up at 4pm to go to class while getting the absolute minimum work done and maximizing playing World of Warcraft.

There were two things that got me realize how bad my addiction to warcraft was. The first was playing till 9 am and getting a call from classmate at 11am asking where was I. The reason was that we had an exam that day. I didn’t even know about it and completely unprepared. Although I had 30 minutes to wake up and run to class. I decided to not go cause I need sleep from too much WoW. The second was a week later when a group of friends was about to play flag football. They needed another player and saw I was “free”. I was literally fishing in the virtual world to improve my virtual fishing skills and then cook those fish to improve my fishing skills. Although I was very firm in not going, I was literally drag to the field and had a blast (caught two touchdowns).

Soon after that, I realize WoW was becoming destructive to my body, social life and especially to my gpa. For five semesters. I was avgeraging a 2.4 gpa. It took a lot to stop playing and even to this day. I still have some feelings of going back. The first is of course to admit having a problem. I had to completely forget that I had an exam and having someone drag me out of my seat to realize this. Next, I remove the game from my computer, sold the game and my account, which actually profit 60 bucks after all those monthly WoW payments of $15.

My advice to get someone off is that you can not force someone immediately. It actuially makes the person want to play more; make him or her run toward the virtual world. There is no real method of quitting wow. No amount of nagging, therapy, agressive tactics ( pull computer plug, break computer, kick someone out of house, etc) will stop someone from quitting. It is the person that has the power and usually one or more of the following has to happen before he or she realized this has to stop.

A.) Got fired from job > play more wow until you got no more to play

B.) Relationship broken

C.) Missing out on family/friends event

D.) Something tragic happen

E.) To either get too sick or die from too much WoW

F.) Several bursts of helpful advice from friends/ family in a non nagging method

As for myself, I work hard the next three semester to barely pulling off a 3.0 GPA and graduate in a positive direction. The people I met online has either move on (had a kid, got married, new and time consuming job, join the Navy) or continue playing WoW. There are millions of others that are playing WoW and lucky for me, I finally was able to stop and move on to something else (Currently playing Uncharted 2 : Among Theives and New Super Mario Brothers.)

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I was born in Hong Kong. I moved to the United States when I was five. I love to travel, mainly to have an visual explosion of mind blowing awesomeness. I also have a passion for gadgets(iphone,Hackintosh DM. World of Warcraft: A Warrior’s GuideA basic and advanced resource to warriors in the World of Warcraft.

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I actually found out that one of my professors and his teaching assistant was a fellow World of Warcraft player. So I created a new player, join their realm and earn some points for my real life character.

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