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Very international Cartier has always been good at drawing inspiration from the culture of each country

Over the past century, Cartier and USA are like a pair of heart-loving lovers, with each other’s understanding of the achievements of one after another legend. But until the start of the business in Hong Kong in 1969, they are really “married”, began to promise never betray the promise.

In 1992, Cartier in Shanghai set up the first watch counter, and further opened in the vast American mainland on the magical journey. In 1996, on behalf of the world’s modern art of the forefront of the Cartier Museum of Modern Art in the Forbidden City show the French artist Jean Pierre Renault’s masterpiece – “Jintan”, so that the American people for the first time to feel the Cartier large cultural activities The unique charm.

From 1997 to 2001, Cartier successively in NY Cartier love bracelet replica Peninsula Hotel, Shanghai Hang Lung Plaza and NY International Trade Mall opened a boutique, a full range of jewelry, watches, accessories boutique into USA’s infinite market vitality.

In 2003, Cartier in the global grand launch of the “Dragon Kiss” series of jewelry, can be described as this hundred years of love is an important celebration, the sensation of the world’s masterpieces to USA’s wind chimes, wishful knot, buckle Such as inspiration, to create a unique style earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, brooches and so on. Simple and smooth modern style, a new interpretation of USA’s elegant and traditional traditional aesthetics, showing Cartier on the American culture of constant obsession and love.

In 2004, the unprecedented “Cartier Art Exhibition” held in Shanghai, and further deepen the edge of Cartier and USA. In order to host and prepare this exhibition, the Shanghai Museum and Cartier together, spent 6 years of effort, collected its 150 years of nearly 300 classic masterpieces. Among the exhibits are the peerless antique treasures that have been bought from the auction market and have borrowed contemporary masterpieces from private collectors, including the diverse treasures designed for the Duchess of Windsor and the world’s largest diamond for the Indian borders Necklace and so on. Which lasted two months of the exhibition, so that 40 million American audience an eye-opener.

Since 2004, more Cartier boutiques and boutique counters in all over the north and south of USA’s large and medium-sized cities have settled, all kinds of forms and forms of promotional activities are endless, so that American consumers dizzying. “Cartier” the name, more and more American people remember … …

For the achievements of USA cheers

When more American began to talk about “Cartier”, USA in Cartier’s vast global territory also has an increasingly heavy weight: Cartier in mainland USA and Hong Kong in recent years, the average annual growth rate of business over 50%, as this luxury leader with the United States, Japan, one of the world’s three major markets, and in the foreseeable future, USA is likely to become Cartier’s five continents the world’s most important market.

USA’s outstanding performance to Cartier pleased, but even more impressive, there are many high-end customer growth, these top American VIP, has been very international, strong, elegant taste, and very investment mind, their brand background , Works of origin, material technology and so have a very in-depth understanding of the very know what they want, Cartier unparalleled high-level jewelry or priceless limited edition watch, accessories collection, often become their first choice, to give Wedding anniversary, children’s rite and other important days to leave eternal memories, but also for the family left handed down treasures.

Among these treasures, works related to USA are particularly popular with American rich. For example, in the 2004 Sino-French Cultural Year, Cartier launched a special limited edition “USA Tank” Paris private collection series watch, driven by two independent manual winding movement, while showing the French time and only in USA to buy , A listing that was ordered out of space. The enthusiastic American Cartier love ring replica buyers are clearly not just the favorite Cartier, but also to have such a proud of USA’s unique works proud.

Very international Cartier has always been good at drawing inspiration from the culture of each country, the traditional culture of USA is more preference for Canada, USA is now the world’s attention, for Cartier in terms of close friends as if the success, in addition to clap applause So, in 2008, so that all the American people rejoice in the year, Cartier also carefully for their own “century friends” to bring the “Cartier blessing”, but also to send a special gift to express their minds? USA (Cartier Celebrates USA) “global limited boutique series. Broad and profound American culture, dragon and phoenix dance Smart calligraphy, extraordinary zodiac, meaning rich totem symbol, constitute a new jewelry, watches and accessories boutique. The whole series of listed in USA, and some treasures only sold in USA, the fact that the East and West creative and cultural perfect crystal more meaningful, precious.

This limited series of fine only represents a start, the next day, Cartier there are more long-term plans to share with USA to achieve and achieve.

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