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Wool Cloth in World of Warcraft

Wool Cloth in World of Warcraft

One of the easiest items to gather and sell in world of warcraft is cloth. When it comes to wool cloth there are two main areas you should consider. Just by running through these dungeons you will be able to grab tons of wool cloth and provide your gold making profits with a huge boost. Once you reach level 15 you can head over to the Stockades and ask someone to run you through it. Here you will find the Defias clan wandering the halls and just waiting for some newbie to come through the instance. However, a level 65 to 80 should be able to run you through here in about 10 20 minutes.

During this time you will be able to loot every enemy in there as long as you remind the runner to put looting on; Free For All. Just by doing one run you can get anywhere from 80 to 120 wool cloth.

Unfortunately most gamers won’t run you through the Stockades for free, but they will if you pay them a little gold. It usually only takes around 2 3 gold, but some have no problems paying 5 gold per run. After all, you’re going in there to make money so you might have to spend some.

Cleaning Out Your Bags

When you’re finished it will be a good idea to clean out your bags. Go ahead and vendor any “soulbound” items you can’t use, as well as some of the other gray items that won’t be put in the Auction House. Anything else can simply be destroyed.

Utilizing the Auction House the Right Way

Now that you have plenty of wool cloth to sell in the AH, it’s important to understand how to make this work quickly.

It all begins by doing a search for wool cloth. Once the items come up you should check to see how much a 20 stack is selling for at the present time. Listen, don’t just use the “undercut” area if you have the Auctioneer add on or something similar. Take the time to look and provide a price that will entice someone to make the purchase.

I see gamers undercut by 5 copper and when I go to purchase something the copper amount doesn’t really matter. Personally I buy the more expensive one just for a principle thing. There are others out there just like me, so if you see that someone else listed their wool cloth for 6 gold, then list yours for 4 gold 50 silver or 5 gold. You will definitely increase your sales.

Be Patient

When it comes to World of Warcraft you have to be patient. Even though it takes a time to make monumental amounts of money in the game, that doesn’t mean you should take an alternate route like purchasing in game gold for real money. In fact, I recommend reading what can happen to your account if you start Purchasing WoW Gold online.

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